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August 29, 2012

Toys for Environmentally Conscious Parents

A growing number of parents choose ‘green’ items for the home, so why not give environmentally
friendly toys for the little ones to play with?

Besides the widely available wooden toys, Green Toys sells a wide range of toys made of recycled plastic, including building blocks, cars, stackers and many others. The main material is recycled milk containers, of which they have already used ten million, and counting. They use minimal packaging, which is also recycled and can be re-used again.

There are also rattles, dolls, teethers for babies, made of organic cotton with corn filling and environmentally friendly dye – offered by Dandelion. Those who are into arts and crafts can now play with biodegradable clay – which also contains organic oils offering aromatherapy.

Another way to stay green with the toys is to save energy with state-of-the-art gadgets. The Solar
Transformers Kit offers seven different shaping options, and comes with a solar and a battery charging station. Others may generate electricity themselves, while entertaining: a hydro car running on water, a solar grasshopper or a toy car powered by wind.

Kids thus have a wider and wider selection of toys, which are more environmentally sound and/or save energy. Hopefully these toys will replace today’s less environmentally friendly favourites.

Written for the Energy Saving Warehouse 

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