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May 12, 2013

Keeping fruits and vegetables fresh – the traditional and the modern way

We all know how bad it feels when food we have bought turns bad and has to be thrown away or onto the compost heap. But there are some tips and tricks on how to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer:

  • Some vegetables can be refreshed quickly by putting them into ice water for up to thirty minutes
  • Onions and potatoes like cool, dry places and shoud be kept separetely and avoid placing them in the fridge as they will turn bad quicker
  • Bananas are best hung up at room temperature as they turn black inside the fridge
  • Make sure that vegetables and fruits are not stored in a plastic bag


The latest novelty for keeping food fresh isĀ FreshPaper, a piece of paper infused with herbs and spices. When vegetables and fruits are stored on top of these paper sheets, they can last two to four times longer than otherwise. They can be used anywhere, inside o

r outside the fridge, in a fruit bowl – the opportunities are countless. The papers work until you can no longer smell their unique maple scent, and they are biodegradable and recyclable, of course.

Another option is the so-calledĀ ‘produce saver’ by This product can also extend the shelf life of a product three to ten times, by absorbing the humidity and ethylene gas that is released by the ripening vegetable or fruit.

Overall, besides many traditional methods and tips and tricks, novel technology can also help avoid wasting precious food in our kitchens. What’s more they can also support families in developing countries who may not be able to aford the luxury of a fridge .

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