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November 5, 2016

Water from thin air

Access to clean water is a major global issue, especially for those who need to walk long distances to fetch some water, in cases several times a day, while they still might end up with contaminated water.

VICI-Labs has developed a new device called WaterSeer that basically condenses water from the air in an underground container, from where clean water can simply be pumped up. It does not need an external power source or potentially harmful chemicals.

WaterSeer has a turbine above the ground that is turned by the wind, and the air goes waterseer-devicedown to the chamber below the ground. Due to the temperature difference on its way down, water vapour is condensed and collects in this chamber. It is claimed that WaterSeer is able to produce about 37 litres of water per day – the average daily water use in many African countries today.


Similar solutions are already available on a commercial scale. An example are the products of Israeli company Water-Gen, which technology also utilises condensation by stacking a series of plastic ‘leaves’ that create a specific airflow and act as a sort of ‘dehumidifier’, while storing the moisture. This devices requires an electric plug and it is claimed to be more energy efficient that other similar, existing alternatives. It is available in three sizes: the smallest version, aimed at homes, can produce about five gallons (approx 22 litres) a day – while industrial users can benefit from the device offering 800 gallons (approx 3637 litres).

Photos: WaterSeer/Treehugger and Water-Gen


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