Small Dishwashers for Economical Users

While water is becoming more and more scarce, environmentally conscious small households and offices may want to find an economical dishwasher, which is small enough for their requirements. And there are several designers who have already thought about them. 

The first concept by Marie-Christine Lacasse & Marie Claude Savard not only looks good but it even combines the dishwasher and the cupboard in one. The dishwasher operates by moving along while cleaning. 


Another space-saving solution is the dishwasher, located next to the sink. Its capacity is bigger than its size would indicate and it can use up to fifty per cent less water than ‘traditional’ dishwashers.


Another example of a dishwasher merged with a sink is the rotating solution, where the dishes are washed while under the counter, and the other half is used as the sink at the same time.


More and more manufacturers also produce ‘dishwasher drawers’ for smaller kitchens. Others have thought about the possibility of immediate washing up after dinner by integrating the appliance into a table.

If design is key for the users there is also a great selection already. One of them is the small Gota device, which even recycles the steam from the pre-wash cycle for later re-use.

For those who want to take their dishwasher with them, for instance for camping, there is now also a solution. The concept by David Stockton has a unique shape for economic usage and it’s so small that it’s portable, while it only uses a small amount of water. It has to be filled up with water and cleaning liquid and then turned manually, as well as for the drying process.

Another environmentally friendly solution is using a new technology. The Wind Washer from Electrolux uses high-pressure air, steam and UV light for cleaning, while the Zeolith dishwasher from Siemens features a moisture-absorbing material, zeolites, used during the dry cycle. Power consumption is lower than at traditional devices, and the water is also saved on a longer term.

Overall, there are several concepts and designs for energy-efficient small dishwashers, and they look to be really promising for the future, especially by being compact and/or using a novel washing method. But for now, many of these are only concepts and for the real benefit they need to be mass-produced.


Written for the Energy Saving Warehouse


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