Have a Green Friday Evening!

How do you imagine a nice Friday evening? Would you like to go to the cinema or just have a delicious dinner at a fancy restaurant? Or do you want to go clubbing?

If the environment is important for you, now you can do any of these with a clear conscience.

The Solar Restaurant

The Lapin Kulta Solar Restaurant has a great evening programme in the summer for hungry Europeans in Milan, Helsinki and Stockholm.

Food is solely prepared on solar cookers, which work only on sunny days. Dishes include barbecue as well as lower-temperature meals and salads, depending on how much solar energy is available. The restaurant is Finnish but due to running on solar energy, it mainly operates in the summer.

The Solar Cinema

If one wants to go to the movies with a small circle of friends, the Sol Cinema could be the best option.  Eight people fit at once and it runs entirely on solar energy, collected by a photovoltaic panel and stored in lithium batteries. It features a LED projector, which can play films from a wide variety of music videos and short movies.  The Sol Cinema is located in South Wales but can be hired for events all over the UK and Europe.

The Solar Theatre

In the Californian city of San Luis Obispo the first solar-powered theatre of the US was set up in 2004, operating with eighty roof solar panels. The Palm Theatre features three screens, running the latest movies.


In 2008, London’s first eco-disco opened, called Surya. Piezoelectric energy is collected from the movement of dancers, which shall cover sixty per cent of all energy needs of the club, while the rest is covered by wind turbines and solar energy systems. Amongst other features there are waterless urinals and low-flush toilets, as well. Clubbers who walked or cycled could even get a discount.

A club with similar concept already exists in Rotterdam, called the Sustainable Dance Club, also featuring a piezoelectricity-gathering dance floor.

Thus there is a wide variety of entertainment options for a Friday evening for those who want to enjoy the night without thinking about how it affects the environment.

Written for the Energy Saving Warehouse


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