Learn From the Celebrities

Celebrities can afford to live in the most luxurious and enormous mansions in the most expensive parts of the trendiest neighbourhoods, however some decide to make their homes environmentally friendly as well.

These houses commonly feature solar panels for power or heating, while these ‘stars’ also like to install energy-saving appliances and gadgets.

One of the most famous green celebs is Daryl Hannah, who regularly attends protests and sometimes even gets arrested. She lives in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado in an off-the-grid house with solar panels for generating electricity and providing heating, while water comes from a spring and recycling comes as standard. There is also a biodiesel generator for emergencies, and the whole house is now set up to utilize the most of the sunshine thanks to its design. She has an organic garden and even a couch, which is basically a stone with moss.

Another well-known actor engaged in green issues is Leonardo di Caprio, who not only drives luxury electric cars, but also owns green homes. His house in Los Angeles features solar panels and even the bedsheets are green, while he recently purchased a new flat in New York, with aerators in the bathrooms, water saving solutions and green paint was used for decoration. Also, currently he is staying in an eco home, while filming in Australia.

Besides solar installations, Julia Roberts’ house has recycled tiles, and wood was sourced from a sustainably managed forest. Alicia Silverstone also uses recycled materials for furniture, and even has a low-energy heating/cooling system installed to save power.

Johnny Depp has a whole Caribbean island turned into an eco-paradise, entirely running on solar-hydrogen power. Inspired by him, Orlando Bloom built an environmentally friendly house in London, also with solar panels and energy-efficient light bulbs, while for his new baby they used eco paints in the nursery.

And even oil tycoons can be environmentally conscious. Larry Hagman, aka J.R. Ewing, is not only a famous advocate of the solar industry but also used to live in the largest solar-panel-powered house of the US before he sold it in 2009. And another Texan ‘celebrity’, George W. Bush’s Texan ranch features recycled water and a geothermal heating system, amongst other things.

Fancy an own eco home? Build an earthship

There are several opportunities available to anyone to build eco-houses, and some of the greatest examples around the world are the so-called ‘Earthships’.

These passive houses are built to utilize the sunshine or geothermal energy for heating, while they recycle rain or snow as well as grey water, and are powered with either solar or wind energy. Building materials are also all natural or recycled. The features change with every single house based on local characteristics and requirements.

Earthships can be found all over the US and Europe, including a house in Scotland and in Brighton in the UK. They can be visited by anyone sourcing for examples for greener living, while there are even courses available for learning to build such an eco-home.


Written for the Energy Saving Warehouse



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