The Latest Fashion Accessory: Solar Cells

Have you ever wondered how you could easily charge your phone or notebook on the move? You can now do it in a trendy way with dozens of fashion items featuring solar cells.  And a new technology can even allow you to just spray them on.

Let’s take the basic accessory of a woman, the handbag. ELLE magazine asked several fashion designers – including Tommy Hilfiger and Diane von Furstenberg -, to create stylish handbags with solar cells, for stylish girls, which were then later available at an auction.


And of course, manbags are also available for eco-conscious men, for example from Neuber Energy.

What’s more, plenty of jewellery, including necklaces, watches, as well as ties, and trendy sunglasses – all have their own versions with integrated solar cells. Indeed, the latter one even features a power jack for universal connection.


Solar cells can come with us to the beach, as well. Besides solar-powered bikinis, there are now beach totes and chic designer parasols, which can help in charging music players or phones on the shore, while soaking up the sun.

Outdoor-lovers can now put up tents with solar panels , and wear a solar backpack, hats and caps or even jackets while climbing the hills and walking in the forests.


A look into the future

Currently solar cells are made of various materials with many technologies, but one of the major challenges to overcome is flexibility. While these clothes and accessories already feature such solutions, there is further ongoing research by companies, all over the world.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corp has just announced the development of a new spray-on solar power technology, which should allow solar cells of less than one millimeter thick to be added to basically any surfaces, including cars, walls or even clothes. Such solar cells would not need glass layering, as it is usual with current solutions.

Similarly, the US-based company, Konarka [17] already manufactures semi-transparent solar panels in red or green, which can be printed on a number of materials, including glass. This means high flexibility, amongst others used on windows, large parasols or even roofs of bus stops, enabling them to collect the power of the sunshine.

These special solar cell technologies are aimed at increasing the flexibility and eventually efficiency of solar power usage, which could lead to the widespread use of solar energy.

Thus in the near future we may only have to get dressed to have all the power our devices need in a day.

Written for the Energy Saving Warehouse



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